Hi There,

Many of my photos are available for purchase in a number of mediums and sizes at the following locations (you can click the images to visit the sites):

500px Marketplace

500px is where most of my photos are available for sale. They can be purchased with a range of licencing options to suit an individual wanting a single print or a company wanting to use the image over and over again. All the details are available in the marketplace.



Red Bubble

Red Bubble is a site that provides photos and other artwork that you can purchase as a simple print or as a phone cover, laptop cover, travel mug or t-shirt  – the options are many and various. Not all of my photos go to Red Bubble, just the ones I think will work well across multiple formats. Check out the Red Bubble marketplace here.



If you would like information about a specific photo you’ve seen here or if you would like to inquire about me taking specific photos for you, please contact me at lachlan@lachlanfennen.com.